Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cupcake Truffles

Okay... so I made these a while ago and took them to work...

I got the idea from Bakerella's blog, to make the cake truffles into little cupcakes. We had a work party - like we do every month, and in July, I made these to take because our theme was BBQ. Every BBQ ends fantastically when there's cupcakes involved....

You start by baking a 9x13 pan of cake and mixing in a container of frosting and then chilling it when it looks like this...:

I used vanilla cake with vanilla frosting for this batch since I was testing it on other people.

After rollling them into little balls... and testing them along the way ~ I have to admit that I was a bit worried. Chilled, they didn't really taste like much and they made me worried about other people liking them.

I used a Wilton's candy melt peanut butter cup mold to make them... and melted Dark Cocoa candy melts in a squeeze bottle.

It was quite a bit of experimentation to figure out just how much melted chocolate needed to go in the bottoms of the mold to cover everything.

So here are the cute little things in the mold after chilling to set the chocolate. I have to be nicer to my next mold - my last batch that came out broke my mold. :o(

And then I dipped them. .....

The tops were dipped in Blue, Yellow and Orange candy melts, topped with a mini M&M and sprinkles.

They were a HUGE hit...

And at room temperature...? They were fantastic and I don't think any of them actually made it to lunchtime.

I made the rest of the mixture up into truffle balls, dipped them later and just did sprinkles on top and took them to work a few days later.

The great part about this is that my friends on my team at work have asked me to make the cupcake truffles again for a baby shower on the 25th... so I will definitely take better pictures then to blog about. ;o)

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