Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Snow of 2011

Well... clearly this is not of the snow... but this was the aftermath of trying to get to work by slogging through a giant slurpee... LOL

It snowed late on Tuesday and since I'm never sure what it will look like on the work side of things, I rode the bus.

My bus driver- the idiot- stated that he was having clutch/brake problems as he tried to pull away from the curb. anyway... after he drove regular speed ... hmm... wouldn't you think you'd go slower? I mean, you just stated that you had clutch and brake issues... hmph. Anyway... 1/2 an hour later after I got off, he pulled away and guess what? he had no chains on... no wonder he was having problems pulling away in about 6 to 10 inches of slush and snow... *sigh*

And then I started walking... and discovered that you cannot walk across slush.

even if it has a layer of snow on it.


So ... thankfully... I wore the velour track suit pants or I never would have made it with my jeans wet to the knees. LOL

and thank goodness for people who are willing to give you a ride home when your shoes and socks are still wet at the end of the day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I meant to post earlier... I had been thinking about New Year's Eve from when I was growing up and there were always such good times getting together with our friends.

It was really great to get together with all of them this summer and renew friendships... and start friendships on an even more personal scale.

Then I was thinking about how much things changed in the past year - Seattle has seen many many changes. Ken Griffey Jr retiring... Seattle Storm winning another national title... Dave Neihaus passing away and a huge snow storm that practically kept us all imobilized before Thanksgiving. Did I mention the snow this week?

But then it also dawned on me that this is the dawning of a new decade as well and this nation has come such a long long way since New Years Eve 2001.

I don't think any of us feel as secure as we did over 10 years ago. September 11 is all that anyone needs to say to have everyone pause in their steps and remember exactly what they were doing on that gorgeously sunny Tuesday Morning. And before we consider that things are relatively safe - they're not really. People have become much more sneaky about what they are trying to do, even though their goals have remained the same. And in return - Airline security has gotten that much stricter. And finally, airfares have dropped to a fairly normal level and I have taken advantage of decent pricing over the last couple years to do what I want to do in travelling.

So in face and light of a brand new start, I hope that 2011 turns out to be a blessed, safe and happy time for all.