Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolutions

It's a brand new year...

Which means it's time to make a few goals... I suppose that's what I'd rather call them instead of resolutions, you know?

Such as...

1. Pay off more of my credit cards. I don't have many anymore but I do have a few around that I keep just for the rewards or so that I know I can always shop at those stores. One is definitely within range and the pay off plan is going to work. :o) I'd like to again make a significant dent in the other few - I tend to get them really paid off before vacation and then go ahead and use them but forget to pay them down again.

2. Blog more than I do now... maybe back to the way I was trying to at first - once a week at least. with or without pictures... LOL

3. Continue to do whatever it is I'm doing to lose weight. After vacation in July, I really didn't do anything structured but still managed to lose 36 pounds by December. yay me! LOL

4. I would like to not still be "unrelationshipped" by this time next year. That would mean a possible date for New Years Eve and **hopefully** someone to drag home for the holidays.

5. Cook more. Bake more. Not just the same things. I am going to try to cook recipes from a cookbook twice a month. And bake something new once a month.

Okay, I think that's enough goals for one year. LOL Maybe I'll accomplish them...

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