Saturday, August 7, 2010


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So this one is now back to things that matter... lol

My Dove promise wrapper says:

"Remember your first best friend"

So ... here it is...

My first best friend was a girl named Rebekah... we were best friends before school started - her older sister and my older brother were friends too. But before too long, they were too 'old' to be friends so it was just her and me.. she had a fort in the back yard and they lived in by a dead end street so it was safe to ride her big wheels around. yes, big wheels... I didn't have one of those... And we played dress up and danced around the house to Carly Simon songs... funny how you remember those things.

And I think we must have made quite a pair - she was skinny and had short hair and I was, well, always have been plump... and had long hair really... But I remember having a really good time whenever I was allowed to play with her.

We were in kindergarten and first grade together and then her family moved away. I think I was allowed to play with her once at her new house but then we found other friends where we were at, but I used to miss her a lot because I wasn't really as good of friends with the other girls at school - we had been a package deal...

So Rebekah... wherever you may be, I hope that you are living a happy life!

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