Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Snow of 2011

Well... clearly this is not of the snow... but this was the aftermath of trying to get to work by slogging through a giant slurpee... LOL

It snowed late on Tuesday and since I'm never sure what it will look like on the work side of things, I rode the bus.

My bus driver- the idiot- stated that he was having clutch/brake problems as he tried to pull away from the curb. anyway... after he drove regular speed ... hmm... wouldn't you think you'd go slower? I mean, you just stated that you had clutch and brake issues... hmph. Anyway... 1/2 an hour later after I got off, he pulled away and guess what? he had no chains on... no wonder he was having problems pulling away in about 6 to 10 inches of slush and snow... *sigh*

And then I started walking... and discovered that you cannot walk across slush.

even if it has a layer of snow on it.


So ... thankfully... I wore the velour track suit pants or I never would have made it with my jeans wet to the knees. LOL

and thank goodness for people who are willing to give you a ride home when your shoes and socks are still wet at the end of the day!

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