Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week one...

well... 4 days... LOL

Fast food count:
1 breakfast: sausage mcmuffin, no egg and a diet coke... (friday)
1 dinner: #4 - 2 cheeseburgers, large fry, diet coke... (thursday)

Coffee count:
2 usual from independant coffee stand (decaf americano, all ice no extra water, sf barista choice syrup and 1/2 n 1/2 - totally Atkins friendly and therefore, still a part of my 'diet' world even though I don't follow the plan anymore.)
1 ice tea - starbucks
1 2 shot decaf esspresso over ice, with sf cinnamon dolce and cream.

fast food food, from a non fast food source:
1 preztal w/ nacho cheese
1 hot dog

Not sure how to classify food from a Storm basketball game but I'll add it as a separate category ... seeing as I'll be having food from a Mariner's game tomorrow... will take pictures of that tomorrow. forgot today.

Okay so my total ... what I'm calling my total, for June so far is 2. if you are a 'purist' to the numbers, then fine, counting starbucks stops that is a 4...

It was interesting, fighting my instincts about grabbing my usual every night fast food option for dinner... I was trying to do another thing ... documented on my other blog about only making it on $20 for groceries for the week. I can do it... I came in under $20 but that included a lot of things I had on hand already. So I think I will shelve that goal for a bit - trying to get my fast food meals under control first. And my way to get that under control will be to try and make things from what I know I have at home first.

I haven't even gotten to the grilled cheese sandwiches yet... but managed to eat okay for the first week - I was doing the grocery thing all week.


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