Monday, May 30, 2011

envy... part 2

Okay... time again to overanalyze ourselves in this search to rid ourselves of envy issues.

Today's issue... 3rd or 5th wheel issues.

Most of us have been there, right? That strange little, odd, awkward situation that causes there to be an extra chair at the end of the table... an empty seat across from you...

the emptiness and loneliness of not having a hand to grab when you're walking around somewhere where you seem to be stopped and slowed at every turn by a couple who insist on walking side by side, hand in hand or hand in back pocket. (heaven forbid they're pushing a stroller or have a couple little cuties frolicking around by them... let's not even go to the place that lets us discuss guys having a guys night out with 3 generations. Although it would be interesting to follow up and find out how their wives felt about them feeding the 2 year olds, cotton candy at 9 pm... but I digress... these are also topics for future envy studies.) where were we... right... no one to lean back against when your back hurts or ... well, there's probably plenty of others...

It does sting a bit more when you realize that you again... again... are the only one in that position at a family dinner. Round tables are your friend but most often or not, the waitress sticks a chair on the end and you, because it seems silly to not, go ahead and sit on the end, sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the aisle. All this does is hammer home the fact that you are alone... let me say it again... ALONE!

Now again, this would not be so awkward if there were say, a niece or nephew for you to cuddle and take charge of because even though they are obviously not 'with' you... they ease the torment of the 3rd or 5th wheel situation for you because it does give you someone to even out the situation. Go ahead and entertain the notion of trying to beg and plead with someone to go along with you to family events... perhaps if they did, well, you could just claim it didn't work out later but that of course would be assuming you could find someone who might find you attractive enough to kiss you on occasion. *sigh* Good luck with that. and please let me know if you ever find that guy... I may need to borrow him... borrow, not pay... lol ...

It's envy that makes you feel this way... an emotional reaction to the things around you that makes you go - hey, i want that! I want that now!!. It doesn't work that way. You're not going to always get what you want. but like the song says... if you try... sometimes you get what you need.

But again now... who are you to know what you need. only God knows what you need and for the most part, he's blessed you with what you need. So stop trying to find other things that he's not determined are for you to have at this time.

Patience ... lots and lots of patience... (and chocolate) He will provide.

*peace N love*

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