Monday, March 4, 2013


I love movies.

I have always liked movies, and that was before I spent 4 years of my life smelling like popcorn and watching every single movie that came out.

Sometimes I think back on those years and think, wow, it's a good thing those movies were free because they would have cost an hour of my time to pay for them.  And then I look at prices now and go, wow, the only thing close to that price is matinee shows on weekends and holidays at the AMC theater. I'm so much more picky now that I am paying for movies. LOL

But I still can't really enjoy eating popcorn with my movies. Unless of course, it's super buttery... well, butter flavored topping-ery... salted beyond belief and has a package of hot tamales inside. shaken well and downed with a huge... and I mean, you could bathe a baby in that it's so huge... drink. (which is by some strange coincidence, roughly the size of what a small popcorn used to be.)

Something about smelling like a concession stand all the time, even if you didn't work concessions that day just has killed my popcorn appetite. But I'm still a sucker for a really overly done way over cooked hot dog... they taste like pepperoni! serious. and usually are an all beef hot dog.

Anyway, back on track. Movies.

Love them or hate them, I still can't resist getting sucked in to a really good, catchy movie. Which right now, my kryptonite movie is ....

Pitch Perfect.

Now... I don't have all the dialogue memorized yet but I've got the music down and working on the choreography! ROFL

This is not anything new. Previous movies to gain such prestigous heights as this movie are Speed, White Christmas and That Thing You Do.

Speed- Not sure if it was Keanu Reeves or the emerging grace of Sandra Bullock but I watched it ALL the time over Christmas break my freshman year in college and came back, able to quote everything... speak the movie with it, much to the annoyance of everyone around me.

White Christmas- it was one of two movies we had for a while the first summer I cooked down at WiNeMa... the other one... um... Speed. So we watched White Christmas a lot at least until I had a car and could go to town every week or weekend and rent movies.

That Thing You Do... this movie still has the highest and loftiest position of all movies... I saw it in the theatre 16 times. I have lost count of how many times I watched it on video once I got it but this one also... can quote most of the movie... sing ALL of the songs and wished for a really super long time that I could be as good and cute and perfect as Liv Tyler was because I needed to find a guy like Tom Everett Scott.

Which brings us to Pitch Perfect.  I'll admit a problem. I've watched it 6 times in the last 2 weeks. wait... 7... watched it tonight. I listen to the soundtrack all the time and have started to obsess about the songs that aren't in my ipod yet. note to self, fix that problem pronto! It's just good fun. great music...

Hmm, which reminds ... I really do need to get those other three movies on dvd still... hmm.... I wonder how much of the speed dialogue I still know....

(it sort of matters... in a way... cuz i is quirky and funny like that...)

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