Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I guess I haven't been that great at blogging this year either.

I really am trying to stay up on it but it's now harder with 2 blogs to update and as you - the invisible you- who doesn't seem to read or notice my blog - may have noticed, they were both done the same day.

Well, no more... I honestly am trying to really be on to something.

I haven't even really written much and keep getting stumped and caught by major cases of writers block. Got to get that taken care of before November.

then again, I really want to be fully finished with last year's story before I have to start thinking about it again. *sigh*

One vacation down though... a couple more to go. plenty more later this year about those.

anyway, just a little post before I really post what's been on my heart lately. You know, the only things that matter and all.


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